Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resolutions 2008 - a look back

How did I do in 2008 in reaching my goals that I set out in my resolutions for 2008?

I posted two blog articles personal genealogy research and professional goals. At the mid-point of the year, I reviewed how I was doing.

Learning Goals
I completed one course in English research and I am working on another one. I purchased Legacy this year and I used it to produce a draft genealogy for a client.

During the Genea-bloggers' Group Games, I did some clean up of citations but that will continue. I added information to the history that I prepared last year.

I didn't finish the soliders' project although I did find some more information to include.

I am still working on the filing and sorting of information. I have a large table in the basement that is covered with items that need to be sorted and then filed - either in binders or the appropriate file.

I didn't accomplish everything that I hoped for but I am pleased that I did make some progress.

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