Saturday, May 30, 2020

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2020: Uncertain

My great grandfather, George Iles, was not on the ship's passenger list for the Ottawa, when his wife and children came to Canada. William was already married, but he was there with his wife and baby. They left Liverpool, England, on the 27 April 1905, and arrived in Montreal,  Quebec, on the 7 May 1905.

So when did Great grandpa George come to Canada? I am uncertain of the exact date. I never found a passenger list entry for him; neither the one for his departure from England or for his arrival in Canada had his name. I have made several searches of databases using a variety of spellings for Iles. When his family came to Canada, the incoming passenger list showed that they were headed to Owen Sound. From this, it would most likely indicate that George was already in Owen Sound or vicinity.

The 1911 Census for Derby Township, Grey County, Ontario, (part of lot 17, concession 3, Springmount, on the outskirts of Owen Sound) shows 1904 as George's year of immigration and for the rest of the family as 1905.  Ten years later, the family are living in Sydenham Township, at the time of the census. This time it gives 1903 as the year of immigration for the whole family.

So, there are two possible years for his arrival in Canada. Therefore, his date of coming to Canada remains uncertain.

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