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1931 Canadian Census - Sub-districts

The following are some of my research areas.  While waiting for the 1931 census to be indexed by name, here are some of my notes to help when I have time to do some research. Noting the details that I find about a person and their family will help in writing about them.

Owen Sound
Grey North (district 109) is comprised of  12 sub-districts for Owen Sound  (36 to 47). Sub-districts 36 to 38 are the Bay Ward, Sub-districts 39 to 42 are West Ward and Sub-districts 43 to 47 are River Ward. Each sub-district comprises a number of pages. 

Markham Township
York North (district 170) has 11 sub-districts for Markham Township.
For rural areas knowing what communities were nearby will help narrow your search
sub-district 20 - Markham Township, Langstaff, Gormley, Thornhill Village
#21 --Markham Township, Elgin Mills, Headford
#22 -- Markham Township, Buttonville Village
#23 -- Markham Township, Victoria Square, Headford, Gormley
#24 -- Markham Township, Unionville Police Village,
#25 -- Markham Township, Almira, Cashell
#26 -- Markham Township, Box Grove Village, Locust Hill
#27 --  Markham Township
#28 -- Markham Township
#53 -- Markham Village
#54 -- Markham Village

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