Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Genealogy Successes - one more step

Today, I wanted to end the year 2008 with a productive day.

I started with working on one of my homework assignments for English: Taxes, Lists, Business & Insurance Records. To do the next question, I turned to my family history database in Brothers Keeper. I need to prepare a research plan that would use taxation records in England to solve a question in my family's history but I needed to find possible candidates that would be living in a time period where I could find the available records.

I also pulled out my binder where I have put Iles research - certificates and print outs of census and parish records. As I leafed through the binder, I wondered if I had entered everything in the database; I hadn't so I added them and the citations. I also looked carefully at who was the informant as that could be another candidate to use for the homework assignment.

Death registration of Richard Iles who died in 16 September 1878 in Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire - informant Hester Large - daughter -- Check the database no I don't have the name of Hester's spouse or when they were married. I went to FreeBMD web site. I found that there was a marriage of Hester Iles to Edmund Large -- marriage June 1/4 1863 Cirencester volume 6a page 590
I made note of this as something to add to my order list.

Death registration of Patience Iles (nee Blandford) who died 13 November 1879, widow of Richard Iles - informant Charlotte Snow daughter -- (I already had her marriage to Joseph Snow from the Parish registers but not the civil registration. A check at FreeBMD resulted in June 1/4 1851 Cirencester volume 11 page 323

Death registration of Louisa Iles (nee Belcher) who died 1 March 1903 in Cheltenham (wife of James Iles) - informant Edward Newman son in law. Which daughter did he marry? A search at FreeBMD found a marriage of Edward Newman to Lydia Iles June 1/4 1889 Winchcomb volume 6a page 745.

Now I am really side-tracked, I decided that I am going after a marriage for William Clifford to Hannah Pugh nee Cowley. Now this one took a little longer but it was worth it. This is not the first time that I tried to find the marriage registration entry for them. I knew that they were likely married between 1861 when Hannah Pugh was found on the census in the workhouse and the 1871 census where she appears as Hannah Clifford.

The most likely result was

Marriages Dec 1865 Pugh Hannah Stow on W 6a 7_1

On the original page of the indexes by quarter by surname where Hannah Pugh appeared, the page number was very faint. A range of pages was suggested 759 to 785. I downloaded the file to see if page enhancement might be useful. It looked like 781. I followed the instructions on how to search page numbers. I checked several and found the one I wanted. -- William Clifford was listed on page 781.

Well, since this is an important event in my search for information relating to Emily Pugh (one of my New Year's Resolutions for 2009), I stopped what I was doing and went to the General Register Office web site to order the certificate. Since I am already registered at this site, the process of entering the appropriate information did not take long. I decided that today, I would only order this one certificate.

I should have the certificate before the middle of January. Once I have this information, I will be able to continue on with the research. Needless to say, this has been a very productive day.

Now I will have to get back to my homework assignment.


  1. Congrats on a good find! And thanks for the link to the Register Office. It's been years since I ordered and I had to do so by phone.

  2. It is great that we can order the certificates online. It is quick easy to do.

  3. Greetings Janet,
    I have yet to take the English taxes course. Will be doing so in the coming year. Sounds like you had a very productive day. A great way to the year. Having FreeBMD and GRO online makes things so much easier.

  4. Kathryn
    It would be difficult to do the English courses if we didn't have access to online resources and the resources that can be ordered through the Family History Centres. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit England or Salt Lake City.


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