Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Night Fun. - Who Shares my Birth Date?

Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Fun is to find those who share the same birth date as I.

None share the exact full date, but there are quite a few who have the same day and month -- 27 February. I didn't look closely at those who were born in the 1900s.

Here is what I discovered using Brother's Keeper - Word search.

Archie Alexander Duncan in 1896 in Buttonville, York County, Ontario. [fourth cousin]

Martha Ann Stiver in 1863 in Markham Township, York County, Ontario. [second cousin, thrice removed]

Harold Stiver Willson in 1897 in Detroit, Michigan. [third cousin, twice removed]

Robert Edward Robinson in 1892 in Thessalon, Algoma, District Ontario. [first cousin, twice removed]

Julianna Sophia Stiver in 1825 in Markham Township, York County, Ontario [first cousin, four times removed]

Arthur Edward Stiver in 1867 in Osprey Township, Grey County, Ontario. [second cousin, thrice removed]

So no direct line ancestor with my date but first, second, third and fourth cousins who share my special date.

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