Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thinking Day 2015

Last year, I wrote about Thinking Day and some of my memories from being a Brownie, Guide, Land Ranger, Cadet, Tawny Owl and Brown Owl. Today, those in Guiding and Scouting, past and present,  reflect on our experiences in these two organizations.

Semaphore - In Brownies, I learned how to send and receive messages with semaphore. We didn't use flags just our arms. I always enjoyed teaching it when I was a leader. It is not a skill that I have used since but I still remember some of the letters.

Whistles - In Guides, we used our whistle to communicate, especially when outside when it is more difficult to get peoples' attention at a distance. I used my guide whistle when I supervised my nephews and niece when they were little and were swimming at Sauble Beach. It was much easier to blow the whistle than yelling over the wind and waves when I wanted to do a head count.

Just a couple of thoughts as I think of also the leaders who were role models for their group.

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