Friday, January 2, 2009

Year in Review (2008) in 12 Sentences

This meme (Year in Review in 12 Sentences) is starting to spread. It is also a fun way to highlight some of the postings of the past year. It also lets you look at your opening statements. Do they capture the interest of your readers?

The challenge of the meme is to take the first sentence of the first posting in each month. I will not include any background introductions from some of the carnivals that quote the challenge of the carnival.

1. "Do you like sayings?" from Home is where your story begins
2. "Wiarton Willie is a celebrity in our part of Ontario." from Wiarton Willie - Will spring be here soon?
3. "The latest Carnival of Genealogy theme conerning Technology and Genealogy is now posted on Jasia's site." from Creative Gene - Carnival of Genealogy, 43rd edition
4. "Recently, I posted an article on Web site vs blogs." from Destination: Austin Family: Website, Weblog, Blog, Blogsite
5. "The entries are all gathered and now it is a time to take a trip around Europe and North America to learn about the ancestral homes of some geneabloggers." from A place called home -- Carnival of Genealogy, 47th Edition
6. My first two postings in June were Wordless Wednesday postings with photographs and heaven forbid no citations or captions so I will chose the first article. "I'm not a pet owner and I have never had any desire to be one. " from Pets - Carnival of Genealogy
7. "At the beginning of the year, I posted some of my goals for 2008." from 2008 = Goals Revisited
8. "It is holiday time. " from Carnival of Genealogy, 53rd Edition - A carousel of postings
9. The first posting was a Wordless Wednesday so here is my first article. "Josh is a member of the Canadian paralympics national team who will be participating in the XIII Paralympic Summer Games from September 6 to 17, 2008 in Beijing, China." from Josh Cassidy - Paralympian
10. "Newspaper articles can provide much needed information on a person." from Read all about William Stiver
11. "Recently while reading Amy's Genealogy. etc. blog, I learned something I didn't know." from Cenotaphs - Priceville, Ontario
12. "If, all my information is correct, my most famous relative would be Billy Bishop, World War I flying ace." from My most famous Canadian relative.

That is my list. The best part of this meme is that you don't have to name anyone else to take part in this meme. So if you want to do this, go out and post it. Have fun. I saw it first on Terry Thornton's Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi Year In Review In Twelve Sentences

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