Monday, May 26, 2008

Women's History Month Salutes photograph revisited

When I wrote about my grandmother for the Women's History Month Salutes Carnival of Genealogy, I included a photograph of my grandmother and grandfather likely taken at the time of their wedding.

I have since found the original of the photograph that I included in the article. I was searching for something to talk about for the assignment on photographs for my course English: Education, Health & Contemporary Documents.

The photograph was taken by a professional photographer at the L & W. E. Baker studio, 220 Deritend Birmingham. It looks like both are in Salvation Army uniforms. Her bonnet is not clear. It appears to have a large brim with a bow at the side. My grandfather is holding an instrument. I searched two directories for the company at – Bennett's Business Directory for Warwickshire, 1914 and Court Guide & County Blue Book of Warks, Worcs & Staffs, 1902 The business not listed under photographers for Birmingham

A search on the Internet led me to the website where there was a photo of an ad for the company. It shows that L & W. E Baker were art photographers. The studio was called the North Lights Studio at Upper Holloway 220 Deritend Birmingham. At Victorian Photographers List, Birmingham, Warks & Others the photographer for Northlight Studio was Egeston BAKER, Northlight Studios at 220 Deritend Bridge.

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