Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bathing Beauties?

In Ontario, we have had the May 2-4 weekend (Monday before the 24 of May - Queen Victoria's birthday) and the Americans have had their Memorial Day weekend. Both holidays get us thinking ahead to summer. Our weather on the May 2-4 weekend was not great and it certainly wouldn't have had me thinking about bathing suits if it hadn't been for the topic for this Carnival of Genealogy.

When I went to Guatemala in February, it was the first time in many years that I wore a bathing suit. Having lost some weight gave me the confidence to put it on and with only a few of us on the beach, I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing me. I will not be posting any current photos of me in a bathing suit.

Except for a few winter trips south to Florida and some of the Caribbean islands, most of our swim suit wearing days were spent at Sauble Beach. Before our family purchased a cottage there in 1955, I believe, we rented cottages for a few days. Cottages with names like Breezy Brae and Impy. In our teen years, we spent most of the summer at our cottage with my father driving back and forth to work.

Looking through the photograph albums, I have picked out a few family photos.

Bob, Janet & Nancy at Sauble Beach 1951

Marion and Bob, Nancy, Janet and Ted 1955 at Sauble Beach

Now, I was trying to find an old fashioned swim suit. The only one I could find was worn by a neighbour.

Unfortunately, the picture is of poor quality and I can't find the one that is better but I think you can get the idea of what she is wearing.


  1. Great photos Janet! I remember Sauble Beach. I've been there a time or two :-)

  2. Love the photos. I've never been to Sauble Beach but the water at every Great Lakes Beach I've ever been to has been cold!

  3. That's a great family photo at the beach, Janet. Did you take your doll swimming too? Lake Huron is beautiful. I spent a weekend long ago at Frenchman's Bay (I think it was called) near Sauble and would love to go back.

  4. Janet,

    What a cute article. And I hate to break the news....

    >>>>>Now, I was trying to find an old fashioned swim suit

    ... but those swim suits ARE old fashioned :D


  5. I'm always envious of people who rented or owned get-away cottages at lakes! Thanks for sharing!

  6. JANET, An interesting look at the past --- thanks for sharing your family in swimsuits even if you didn't show a current snap of you. [But then neither did I in my post! LOL!]

  7. Thanks everyone for dropping by.

    Yes, Lake Huron is too cold for me most of the time. I am very timid in water so I am more of a looker or wader than one who goes deep into the water. It has been years since I got wet in Lake Huron. Georgian Bay is colder.

    Now the Pacific Ocean in Guatemala was a different story. It was warm but I still didn't venture far into the water (too strong for me). I added a photo of me in my bathing suit on my Flickr page (relaxing in the hammock).


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