Saturday, May 17, 2008

Location, Location, Location

In real estate, you often hear the expression -- location, location, location.

When we choose and purchase a new house that we hope becomes our home, the location is an important factor. I love the location of my home. I have lived here since 1985.

Now the discussion is not going to be about my home, but of a family of robins who seem to like my location. When I first saw the nest being built between the clothes line pole and the lamp, I thought mmm, it has been awhile since there has been a nest there. My parents had put some wooden blocks in the spot to discourage any nesting there. Was it a mother returning to where she was born? It couldn't be, as it has been too long. As a genealogist, I wondered, could it be a descendant? Had one of them returned to their ancestral home?

I wonder now if the robins like their choice. I hadn't seen any activity for a few days but yesterday when I went out the back door to the deck, off one flew. If I move in my dining area, anywhere near the window, my movement startles the one sitting on the nest and it flies off. I will have to sit quietly in a chair to watch any activity that will occur.

Here are two photographs that I took several weeks ago that show how close they are to the house.

Update - May 25 - I think the family of robins has decided they didn't like the location. I haven't seen any action lately.

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