Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today, would have been my parents' 62nd wedding anniversary. This week, when I was looking through one of the memorabilia boxes at my house, I found a keepsake book "Bridal wreath: a book for the bride". It contains lots of great information that my mom had entered into the appropriate sections.

They first met in May 1939. A friend of my mother's made the introductions. Unfortunately, World War II intervened and my dad joined the army and eventually was sent overseas. Dad kept in touch with her during the war. Dad proposed on April 14, 1946 and gave her an engagement ring eight days later. Under showers and entertainments, she described who had showers and what they received. From the description of some of the items received, I believe I still have some of them.

In 1946, May 15 was a Wednesday. Businesses were only open in the morning, which allowed the working guests to attend the 2 p.m. ceremony. It was a very small wedding, with a guest list of 25, held at the church manse. The wedding reception was held at the home of her employer, W. P. Telford, Sr. My mother's aunt, Margaret and my dad's mom received the guests. The book gives the names of the guests and the gifts they received and the food served. After the reception, they departed on the CPR train and headed to Toronto for a short honeymoon. The newspaper clippings, describing in detail the wedding and her dress and the descriptions of the showers held in her honour, are part of the book.

The wedding dress
The bride's floor length gown was of white slipper satin, the fullness of the moulded bodice shirred to a V-neckline and lace yoke, satin covered buttons down the front to the waistline and the lace continuing in loose panels over the full skirt. The long sleeves had lily points over the hands and her full length veil of white silk net was caught in a cap of lace on her fair hair. She wore a pearl pendant and white satin slippers and carried an armful of red Better Time roses and bouvardia with wide white satin ties.

How fortunate I am to have this book that my mother wrote in the details concerning their wedding.

"The Bridal wreath: a book for the bride", originally owned by Marion Iles and now in the possession of her daughter.
Wedding photograph of Bob & Marion Iles, May 15, 1946, original in my possession.


  1. This entry was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing....

  2. Thanks Susanne. I note that your dad's name appears on the guest list.


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