Friday, September 7, 2007

Literature and Maps go hand in hand

This morning my ResearchBuzz feed led me to a discovery of a Web 2.0 application that would be of interest to students and adults - GoogleLit Trips Google maps are used to highlight places in a work of literature. Although this site is in its infancy, it shows the possibilities of making a story come to life with maps and photos, etc. Only a few books have been done so far - Candide, Macbeth, By the Great Horn Spoon

1. You need to have Google Earth installed. It is free.

When I first tried to get connected to Google Earth, I couldn't. Why? Everyone else must have been trying it out. Anyway, I waited a half hour and went back. I downloaded several of the stories on the GoogleLit Trips site and had fun exploring the maps.

There are suggestions on the site for class participation in creating a Google Lit Trip.

An excellent example of a Mashup.

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