Saturday, September 8, 2007

Goal setting - Historical Presentation

Althougth not all goals relate to learning, learning usually happens when you are working on your to do list.

As I look over the events that I have marked on my calendar for September and October, I see some that need preparation and along with that will be some learning.

For example, on Wednesday, October 17, I am the guest speaker at the Grey County Historical Society meeting to be held in Owen Sound at Knox United Church at 1:30 p.m. (all welcome). As we learnt in the tutorial on the 7 1/2 habits of successful life long learners, the importance of creating written list of goals with target dates. I need to define what needs to be done to prepare for that day. I will be speaking about the history of Knox United Church and its predecessors Knox Presbyterian and Chalmers' Free Presbyterian Church. When I was researching and preparing the book, The Churches of Grey Presbytery of the United Church of Canada: historical highlights, I discovered that this congregation had ties to other Churches in Grey County. I will share this information.

Knox Presbyterian Church (now United) circa 1908

So what are some of the tasks that will go out on the list to reach my goal of a highly informative and interesting presentation? I will be re-reading the appropriate sections of the book. I will look at my notes. I will go to Grey Roots to take photos of land records. As I will be doing a PowerPoint presentation, photos and other documents will have to be scanned. The presentation will have to be completed and tested with the equipment before the presentation date.

Although I have given PowerPoint presentations before I will read some tips to make a great presentation and use those that apply. ("using technology to your advantage"). A google search for blogs relating to PowerPoint, let me to find SlideShare It is searchable. This is an alternative to videos and podcasts as learning mediums, although you can get only key points. It gives examples and you can decide for yourself if the slides are effective in presenting a point.

I am not going to take the time to read the blogs now but will add them to with a tag - unread (thanks Tim for that suggestion). I will add other tags as appropriate. I love - how it brings up your list of tags when you starting typing a letter as well as suggestions for tags.

Do any of you who give PowerPoint presentations or those who have sat through them, do you have any great tips of your own?

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