Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This Is a Wiki On Your Mind. Or As Your Mind.

This Is a Wiki On Your Mind. Or As Your Mind.

This morning when I was checking my blogline feeds, I read the above article on ResearchBuzz. Out of curiosity (necessary for a researcher), I decided to check out Wikimindmap Be sure that when you do the search to change the search to if you are English speaking.

A search of Pierre Trudeau produced a "mindmap" with links to wikipedia. - gives you a variety topics concerning him. The wikipedia article (Although we are never sure of the authority of these articles) may give you leads to areas to research. Then I tried Ipod. Click on Ipod to bring it to Center. If you see a plus it will expand further. Some of the links will take you to other websites.

Some articles on Wikipedia have good citations of where the information has come from so that you can follow through yourself. An example is the article about mindmaps.

Similar to mindmaps or mind maps are concept maps and idea maps. About a year ago, a library patron asked to see a concept map for a topic that she had to prepare for a college assignment. At that time, I was not familiar with the idea. I suggested she would have to create her own but I gave her suggestions that I hope helped her to develop one for her topic.

When I look at some of the examples, it looks like the rough diagrams a person might sketch out when working on a problem - very important for a visual learner. There are software programs designed specifically for this purpose.

Try it. It may help you with a research project or with problem solving.

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