Sunday, August 26, 2007

10 affirmations that I received by participating in this learning adventure

It has affirmed that
  1. I am a life long learner
  2. I like some form of structure (weekly tasks) with some flexibility allowed in the process for working at your own pace.
  3. I like being creative.
  4. I don't always like change. I want to see/understand the benefits.
  5. I like shared learning experiences but I am able to work alone.
  6. I like to share what I know.
  7. I am primarily a visual learner but I want learning experiences to use more than one of the senses.
  8. I like having a reward at the end of the process.
  9. I like projects that can be broken down into segments.
  10. I need affirmation and feedback from others.

Do you share some of these affirmations? Do you have others?

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