Friday, August 24, 2007

SirsiDynix Institute

I thought I'd talk a little more about the SirsiDynix Institute. If you work in a library and are not familiar with this Institute, I suggest you visit their site. It provides a great "free" learning opportunity for library staff. In addition to the podcasts, you can attend the events live. To participate in the live "conferences" or web seminars you need to pre-register.

You can also go to see the archived video presentation that that gives you the visual along with the audio information. One past topic was RSS feeds. The video starts quickly and it is smooth listening & viewing.

The August 14, 2007 session was on creating a 2.0 Library. (link to the video version). What I found interesting about this session was in the first half, the speaker talked about a project in their library that was not a technology based application. They created a "Travel neighbourhood" where resources relating to travel were put in a separate section. You could still find a specific title via the catalog but it was great for browsing too. Circulation improved. The second half dealt with the library's web site.

For your information OSNGUPL is a SirsiDynix customer with our Unicorn library management software.

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