Friday, August 24, 2007

Net Library - expanding your library's resources

I had previously set up my Net Library account at the Reference Desk at OSNGUPL but I had only checked it out so that I could help people at the reference desk. I did not realize that audio e-books were available for download. I enjoy mysteries and there were many to choose from. I wanted to download a Spanish learning audio e-book but it indicated that it was already checked out. Instead I downloaded an audio German language learning e-book. It took about 5 minutes to download the radio quality book as I would be listening to it at the computer. It gives you a license to use it for 7 days. After it is downloaded you have to have the licenced verified and to permit Active X to run.

The speakers were clear. As a visual learner, I would like to see what I am hearing, although for learning languages you do have to develop your ear. It has been awhile since I have studied German or spoken the language so my ear needs to be retrained. If I had a MP3 player, I could listen to the e-book while I was walking or doing other work.

Now, I will have to remind myself that I have some German to learn. I may go back and ask to be notified when the Spanish learning audio e-book is available.

There are a number of e-books that I might consult if the book was not available in the library. I took a look at Soaring on your strengths. OSNGUPL does not have this book in its collection. I may want to read more on-line or borrow the book on interlibrary loan. This book would tie into the book I am currently reading -- The success principles : how to get from where you are to where you want to be by Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul books)

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