Saturday, August 25, 2007

Library 2.0 - final week of this current learning adventure

On July 17, I began this learning adventure with library and adult learning centre staff. Now it is the time to reflect on this learning adventure.

I have enjoyed the experience -- especially because it has been a shared experience - through:

  • talking with other participants
  • reading the blogs and discovering what they have accomplished during the week's activities and celebrating with them their successes
  • wondering - how did they do that especially when I was unsuccessful
  • knowing that there was help available when it was needed
  • learning more about the interests of other staff members

This learning experience has given me the opportunity to explore some of the features of Web 2.0 that I likely would not have tried without this more formal structure. It gave me the impetus to start a blog. Trying different things with the blog has given me the confidence to make changes with the three web sites that I design, administer, update etc. After embedding a Google map on my blog article, I added maps to two of the web sites.

I was not aware of many web 2.0 features. I will now go back an read two articles in Internet Genealogy magazine with better understanding

Marian Press, "In search of the Web 2.0" May 2007, p. 46-48
Marian Press, "In search of the Web 2.0: Part Two" July 2007, p. 51-54.

Internet Genealogy site A companion site is Family Chronicle

Having experienced creating and authoring a blog, it has lead me to wonder if a blog would be a useful tool for communication for organizations to which I belong.

I found that it is fun and easy to share photographs with others using both Flickr and the blog. I will continue to do this.

Now that staff members have had the opportunity to participate in Library 2.0, I believe it is important we follow through. We need to determine what have we learned through this experience that we could apply to our own library or adult learning centre. Changes do not have to be done quickly but through thoughtful considerations there may be initiatives that may benefit our current and future clientele.

What could be done differently, if this type of learning experience would be offered again? Perhaps a different time of year? I found the private wiki worked well for getting assignments and messages concerning winners, advice on passwords, etc.

I have enjoyed being able to participate in this activity. Thanks for asking me. When I began this, I didn't know I would be back filling in some shifts at the reference desk. If I was given the opportunity to join staff on future learning experiences, I am sure I would say yes.

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  1. Wow Janet ~ you have put a lot of work into this project!


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