Thursday, August 2, 2007

I reviewed the different items in the OSNGUPL account and discovered that many had been bookmarked by other users. I found the comments could be helpful to users.
For people who used more than one computer, having their bookmarks available no matter where they were would be extremely helpful.

I decided to create my own account. Adding the and tag bookmarklets to my Internet browser only took a couple of minutes. I had to wait about 10 minutes for the e-mail that autheticated my account. I decided to export my current favorites and then import them into This was easy as the instructions were clear. This took a few minutes as I have over 500 bookmarks. I like that the default is that all bookmarks are private until you make them available to be shared. It will take me awhile to go through "my favorites" I forgot what some of them were so a click on the heading takes you to the site. When I imported them it used the folder headings as tags. I added some comments and more tags.

If you are logged on to you can tag other sites manually.

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