Saturday, July 21, 2007

Searching for Feeds

I tried the various search pages for blogs and news. Searching in all gave primarily American resources. Because they indexed individual postings a word could appear in a post but not necessarily be the main focus of the topic.

When I was using the Blogline searches, if I found one I liked, I checked out related feeds. From these, I chose others to add. Of the various search sites, I liked the Blogline searches the best.

One way that I have been locating is doing a Google search for the topic plus blogs. If the RSS symbol shows up on the Internet Explorer, I can choose to add it Feeds under Favourites or I can copy the URL into bloglines.

I have chosen three to post under Feeds in my favourites - two are about organizing and cleaning and one is Rick the Librarian who had been featured on Blogger as a blog of note. I will see which I find the easiest to use.

One of my favourite blogs that I now have added to bloglines so that I will know when it is updated is bigandlittle - a young Canadian mother who posts the most wonderful photographs of her children and her garden. I enjoy reading about her daily tasks. - Not unusual but you get interested in what is happening in the family.

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