Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Playing on the net with Generators

I tried a few things as suggested. The above is a sketch generated at Instant Sketch http://www.dumpr.net/sketch.php I uploaded a photograph of me that I cropped. I chose to save it to my hard drive and then I uploaded it. Although I have it set to put the sketch to the right it has placed it above the text.

The photo was taken last year at Harry Potter Choir Camp. It was break time. Like my hat? It is not long until Harry Potter Camp for 2007. It is under different leadership this year but I am sure we will all have fun. All the excitement over the recent release of the book and the movie has got me excited. The camp is for children 6 to 12. Sorry, Harry Potter fans older than that.

I tried the chocolate bar generator with my name on it. It looked good but it didn't say what to do next. I decided I wasn't going to use a site where I had to create a user name, etc. I had an error when I created the text generator.

I tried to create a comic with the comicgenerator. I chose a Dilbert comic but I couldn't create anything funny that I would be willing to share.

Although, it was interesting to see some of the possibilities out there, I do not see me spending my time using them. A google search for "image generator" resulted in 152,00 hits.

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