Tuesday, July 24, 2007


LibraryThing is great! Our Church has started to use it to develop an online catalogue for its collection. I have help with the entering but I may go in and make sure the Dewey numbers match the numbers assigned. LibraryThing has the ability to have a number of different views. It is easy to change the choices in the display. For example, it defaults to LC classification and you may want to change it to Dewey Decimal.

My home collection is not catalogued. It is roughly arranged. I will have to decide whether I might what to add location tags e.g. office, hall bookshelves, etc. For my book, I uploaded the cover so that it shows. If there is no cover showing for a book you can see if a cover has been uploaded by someone and you can add it.

As a cataloguer it is strange not to be thinking of Marc coding. It is easy to add new items. I chose to add some other sources to the defaults provided. Since some of my books are not in the databases searched, I will have to add some manually. Archives & Recordkeeping was added manually. You do not get to enter subject headings when you do it manually. I had to concentrate so that I did not add the coding that is used when cataloguing at the Library. It has become second nature.

The developers of this site have made it easy for everyone to use. It is also fun to see how many have the same books as you do.

To see what I have added so far --

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  1. Janet,
    This looks really neat! I can't wait to try it -- after I get this RSS feed thing finished. -- Judy


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