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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #4 Invite to Dinner

Which ancestor should I invite for dinner? There are so many I would love to have the opportunity to talk to if it were possible. This includes some that I knew but didn't know that years later that I would want to ask them questions. This would include my parents and grand-parents. In 2008 for a Carnival of Genealogy, I wrote "Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?" On that occasion I invited these ancestors:
  1. My 4th great grandfather -- John Nicholas Stiver (born Johan Niclaus Stőber [Stoeber]) in what is now Germany around 1745. He came to Canada in 1794.
  2. My great-great grandfather Thomas Love. Thomas came to Canada with his wife in the 1840s
  3. My great grandmother - Emily Iles nee Pugh. She came to Canada with her family in 1905
  4. My great grandfather - Josiah Dudley. Josiah lived all his life in England.

This time, I am going to invite Hannah Hemingway, my great-great grandmother. I hope she can fill in some of the gaps in information about the family. 

What I have discovered about her follows but I would want to know if I had got the information correct. Hannah was born to Josiah Hemingway and Anna Stiver 4 March 1819 in Markham Township, Ontario. Hannah married David Johnston. Rev. James George (Presbyterian minister) of Scarborough, Ontario performed the service. Gilbert Barker and James Lawrie acted as their witnesses.

Hannah and David were parents to seven children. The oldest was James who was born in 1843. Two years later, Josiah Hemingway arrived. Margaret was likely  born next in 1851 followed by Salome the following year. David Byers was born in 1857. Caroline came next in 1858. She only lived to the age of 20. Dr. Eckhardt didn't provide a cause of death on Caroline's death registration. The youngest, Hannah Maria, was born in 1862.

Hannah died 13 October 1877 from the sudden bursting of a blood vessel. She is buried in Hagerman East Cemetery, Unionville, Ontario.

I would ask Hannah many questions during the visit.  How did you meet your husband? What was life like in Unionville? 

What were your mom and dad like? Did either of them talk about their life? How did they meet? How was it for your mother when both her husband and son Benjamin died so close together?

What did your mother share about her siblings and parents? Did you know your mother's maiden name? 

Who were your dad's parents? Did your dad come to Canada West with other members of the family? 

What was the best part of your life? What was the most difficult part of your life?

I would try to space out the questions but I would be so eager to learn more about her, her family and ancestors. 
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