Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Make a Christmas Surname Tree

Randy Seaver has given us a challenge if we wish to accept it is  to create a Christmas Surname Tree.

I used only the surnames of my direct line. I have taken it from myself at the base and working back. I have repeated the name with the different generations. Six generations including me.

I used PowerPoint 2003. I chose the tree auto-shape and chose no fill with dark green outline. I made a text frame where I typed in the names and adjusted the line spacing and changed the colour of the font. I am not sure why the background is grey. May have to do some experimenting as it was transparent when I saved it as a jpeg and it looks transparent in Picassa. 

© 2013 Janet Iles Print


  1. Thanks Dorene for visiting and commenting. It was fun to do.


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