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Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2013 - December 23 - The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas means many things. The most important meaning is that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. For that reason, prominent in my home are the nativity scenes.

This first one, I pulled out of the storage container. It is one from my childhood. I don't know when we purchased it.

The star is missing from the top. The front part folds up for storing. Although, there are two sheep in the front, the scene depicts the visit of the three magi (two in front and one in the stable). Also in the stable with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus is a camel.

My mother purchased this Mexican scene when we went there just after Christmas, I am thinking January 1980.

My Guatemalan scene has grown in stages. The original pieces were the wooden figures. These were a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. During a visit at Christmas, I was given some more characters, the trees and buildings. Several more have been added since. 

Family is an important part of Christmas. As a child, I was fortunate to live across from my paternal grandparents. We would get to see our cousins too. My great aunt Margaret spent many Christmases with us. I usually spent some time with family at Christmas. It is a few years since I have hosted a Christmas celebration with some of the family.

Since, I became interested in genealogy and my family history, I also wonder how our ancestors celebrated Christmas. For many I am sure that celebrations were simple with church services being an important part of the season.

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