Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent Calendar of Memories, 2013 - Christmas Lights

December 4

We put out Christmas lights at the places where I have lived but we never went overboard. None of our close neighbours did either. I have yet to do it at my new home.

It was a favourite family activity to go for a ride to view the Christmas lights that people put up on their property. We did that when we were children and I continued to do it with my parents in adulthood. I remember taking my nephews out to see the lights when they were little.

I still enjoy seeing the lights that people put up. Some of my neighbours have put up lights. They certainly brighten up the dark nights.

In our city, we have the Festival of Northern Lights. This celebration has grown since it started. Volunteers put up the decorations along the river as well as in Harrison Park.

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