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Advent Calendar of Memories, 2013 - Santa Claus

I wrote letters to Santa as a child. We looked forward to receiving his reply. We saw Santa at the Santa Claus parade. Our parades have not always been in November and in the morning. I can remember walking down in the afternoon and there was tons of snow. (that is how I remember it.) Christmas 1989, although I didn't attend the parade, I remember how much snow there was as I had to make a trip to London to visit my father in hospital. Santa would also pay a visit to the Church Christmas Concert.

After we got TV broadcasts in this area and had a TV (I think I was 5 or 6. ), we watched Santa on CKNX, the only TV station we could get from Wingham, Ontario. The station didn't come on the air until November 1955. On Christmas Eve, during the News hour, the station's staff would host a Christmas party with their families in attendance and of course, Santa paid a visit before setting off on his trip.

One of the favourite things in our area, when I was a young person, was to listen to the afternoon broadcast on the radio (CFOS). Santa would be joined by Peek-a-boo (a little elf who was invisible and could report to Santa whether you were good or not - name pronounced by Father Time as Peck a boo) and also Father Time.  Another interesting character was also Jack Frost. Santa would wear special glasses to see Peek-a-boo. Santa would read the letters he had received. Perhaps, the new "Elf on the Shelf" is a modern rendition of this theme but ours was never seem.

Each programme would end with everyone repeating the Christmas wish with Santa. Now, is my memory serving me correctly? Do I have it right? Do any of you who are reading this remember these radio broadcasts?

"I wish that all the boys and girls in the world are happy this Christmas and that I can learn to be so good that every day is as happy as Christmas day." Of course Santa would end with a HO, HO, HO! and the "so" in "so good" would be stretched out. 

During the Christmas Fund Broadcast,the radio station would connect with Santa for his message. On Christmas Eve, the Radio Station announcer would check in with Santa to get his final report and the reminder that it was time for little children to go to bed.

 One year, in high school, at our annual Christmas concert, one of skits had our well remembered characters - Santa Claus, Father Time, Jack Frost and Peek-a-boo. 

 I wish had a photo of Peek-a-boo to show  you, but since he is invisible to everyone but Santa Claus, you will just have to use your imagination.

updated for 2014 from a posting in 2010

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