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Writing - 0, New information - wonderful

Writing challenge update - not fairing well. I started with great intentions and I appreciate the writing prompts and ideas that I am receiving that I will find helpful as I continue on the path of updating the family history.

As I mentioned in the previous update, I had made contact with two researchers of the Mucklow family, the family that my great-grandfather Josiah Dudley had married into. The Canadian researcher and the English researcher are sharing information.

The English researcher has sent me a copy of a newspaper clipping that supports the information she had included on her Ancestry tree.

John Mucklow, father of Sarah, who married Josiah Dudley was a gamekeeper according to several records but where he might have worked was only a guess. The two possibilitlies had been Aston Cantlow or Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire. It is still possible that at sometime or other John was employed in one or both of these parishes.

Where did the newspaper say he worked? John Mucklow was a gamekeeper for Sir W. Throckmorton and he presented the case of two men with snares on property belonging to Mr. Lane in the parish of Haselor on the 14th ult. Val Mucklow says that the article was from the Redditch Advertiser, Redditch, Worcestershire and  it was dated 6th ending with ber in the month 1863. So the case was before the court during September, October or November.

Closer look at the clipping shows a small heading that is partly cut off.

"PETTY SESSIONS. NOVEMBER [?] - Before [-?-  -?-], [-?-] Fisher, and J. Brown, Esqrs.

GAME - Charles Tredgall and George Louch, of Alcester, were charged with [?] snares for the destruction of game on land belonging to Mr. Lane, in the parish of Haselor, on the 14th, ult.

John Mucklow, gamekeeper to Sir W. Throckmorton, [laid?] the information, and Woodward, a witness proved the case stating that between five and six o'clock in the evening of the above day, he met the defendants in the lane leading from Haselor to Aston, and there saw the defendant Tredgall set a snare in a [meuse?] or run on the bank, and saw several snares that were set within a short distance along the road that defendants came, and the defendant Louch signalled to Tredgall that some one was near, but did not see Louch set any snares, or with any in his possession.  . . .
Only one brief mention of John but oh so important in the story of his life.
The Throckmortons have been owners of Coughton Court since 1409. This large estate is still lived in by the family but it is now part of the National Trust system.

This information will help me add more to the story of the life of John Mucklow. I will do some research on the work of a gamekeeper and Coughton Court and the details added will certainly make the story more interesting, I hope, for the readers.

Having this article is timely for courses that I will be taking starting in March concerning Court records  and land records in England.

It is time to get back to writing more about the Dudley family and then on to the Mucklow family.

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