Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Family History Writing Challenge - Update #1

We are at the morning of 6th of February and so far my word count is only 577 words (I wonder if it counts the footnotes?). I should have done some prepartory work before beginning. I am writing about Josiah and Sarah (nee Mucklow) Dudley. I found that I would write something from my research and then I would think - what details could I add about this or that? Where was the church located? What did it look like? Then off I'd go searching the Internet to find information. Then I would add the information and then of course, I need to cite the source.

Next, I found myself over on searching Sarah. I found a family tree that included Sarah's family and it is linked into my family. She has information about Sarah's father that I didn't have including his gravestone that she had received from one of the Mucklow descendants who lives in England as well as the name of the place where he had been a gameskeeper. This differs to what I had been told by a cousin in England but he only could give me a possibility.

Then I sent a message to the poster of the information. I heard back from her the next day. She is a sister of the wife of one of my first cousins once removed. I will get back to her with some questions and I can perhaps share some information with her. The exciting part is that she will be visiting England this summer with my cousin and his wife and they hope to meet this Mucklow descendant.

I just checked my files and discover that when I was in Salt Lake City in August 2012, I had found the tree of this Mucklow descendant and had saved some of the documents that she had included. I had forgotten that I had saved these files.

I have decided that I will update the family history that I created in 2000 and updated in 2007 that focuses on the ancestors and descendants of my parents. The expanded stories will be my focus and the new information that I found. The original was done completely on my printer and inserted in a 3 ring binder. I haven't decided on how I will do this one.

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