Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals (Genealogy) 2012 - how did I do? What are my goals for 2013?

Here was what I wrote for my goals for 2012 with my comments.
My main goal for this year will be organizational in nature: my office, desk, files, books, etc. so that I can be very productive in pleasant surroundings.

Well I was partially successful in this regard. The new shelving is fairly well organized but it could use some sprucing up. The filing cabinet was purchased. I purchased a three-drawer (used) lateral filing cabinet. I like the ability to have hanging files. I did some preliminary work on this but it still needs some better organization and likely purging of some materials. My challenge is that some material is in binders, some in files and some still needing to be filed.  

I purchased  six two-drawer plastic organizers. I use these to divide the different paper supplies. Each drawer is labelled so that it is easy to find special papers when they are needed.

I still would like to update my family history that was put aside last year.
I was unsuccessful -- I did not do this. I didn't even work on it. I did some research while in Salt Lake City but that still needs to be reviewed and incorporated into what I have.

I also look forward to helping others with their genealogical research. I always learn something new with each project.
I am very pleased that I worked on more projects for clients this year - some small and some much larger. Each was interesting and as always, I learned something new with each one.

The list does not change. What I need to do next is to take these three goals and refine them by breaking them down and adding more specific details and putting in some deadlines for each portion.

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