Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Calendar of Memories - December 4 - Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards were always welcomed at our home. Sometimes they would be put on a table or on a television, or perhaps posted on the wall and sometimes on an iron Christmas tree for showing cards. My mother sent many cards to family and friends. She had a Christmas Card book that had the addresses with a place for check marks for those sent and received. It was interesting to see the changes of address as people moved or were married. It was sad to see a name erased due to their passing.

There are still some boxes of cards received that I will pack up and take me with to my new home. From time to time, I got through me and discard some but I still have those that are special that I want to keep.

I look forward to receiving cards, especially where a Christmas letter is enclosed. I still need to make my list for this year.

In my postcard box, I have some special cards that I have kept. The following is an old Christmas postcard. It says to Jack to Will. I am not too sure who each of these people were but I liked the photograph and thought.

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