Sunday, September 25, 2011

Knox congregation celebrates 165th anniversary

Although, June 4, 1846 is the official date that the congregation at Knox celebrates as its beginning, the congregation celebrated its 165th anniversary this morning. It was bittersweet as this will be its last anniversary as Knox.

In 1846, the congregation of Free Presbyterians that were worshipping in the then village of Sydenham in Grey County, Ontario was recognized by the Presbytery of Hamilton. It eventually took the name of Chalmers. Around 1855, some left to form a congregation in the valley that became Division St. Knox formed and it too went below the hill where first a frame building was built. The congregation grew and there was a need for a larger building so the current building was erected. The congregation continued to grow so an addition was added. The last addition was in 1908 with the addition of the Sunday School wing.

When the United Church of Canada was formed in 1925, some members wished to remain Presbyterian so they established St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Times have changed. The building is too large for the current congregation. On January 1, Knox and Division St. congregations will form a new congregation.

Here is a collage of photos taken this morning prior to and during worship. Many former members of the choir joined the joint Knox-Division Street choir to sing an arrangement of three hymns.

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