Monday, August 15, 2011

I need help determining John A. Thompson's military service

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The above is an excerpt from the attestation paper for John A. Thompson. He is one of the men in my research project. I am having difficulty determining all of his military service. What did he do for two years? I first thought it was KCK but that doesn't make sense and I have not found anything that would match. It is likely R for Royal and C and then ?. What is this an acronym for?

The book is almost ready to go to print and it would be wonderful to have the needed information.
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  1. Janet,
    "RCR" stands for Royal Canadian Regiment. Read all about it right here:

    It is a different organization from a similarly named military unit, The Royal Regiment of Canada.

  2. Janet, no doubt it is the RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) My hubby is a huge military buff (as am I) and my one son is in the Canadian military so if we can help with anything else give us a shout

    Lorine (PS have you seen my website The Canadian Military Heritage Project at


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