Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2010 -Christmas Cards - December 4

Did your family send them? Did your family display the ones they received? Do you still send Christmas cards? 

Our family sent Christmas cards. My mom kept track of those she sent and received in a Christmas Card address book. We displayed our Christmas cards in different ways. We had an iron tree form that held cards. Special cards might be placed singly on a table or the television.   After Christmas was over, we would re-read the cards with their notes and letters. I have a large  box of Christmas cards that were received through the years.  I have weeded out those that didn't have special notes or ones from my parents' friends who I didn't know. At some point, I will have to do another weeding as I can only keep so many.

I still send Christmas cards. My list is not as long as my mom’s but I have some with whom I keep in touch with once a year. Unfortunately, the list has grown smaller as family pass on. 

I look forward to hearing the thump as the mail is dropped through the mail slot. I run to see what has come. I am eager to hear the news from friends and relatives.

This year, I have received my first card, a card from a cousin's wife (what I call a cousin by marriage). I look forward to hers as she tells of the happenings of the year in poetry. I need to ask her for details on marriage dates and births of grandchildren to add to my family tree.

I haven't started my cards yet. Perhaps tomorrow, as I listen to the Christmas Fund Broadcast on our local radio station. Some years I have made cards but I am not sure yet what I will do. Perhaps a mixture. I have kept samples of some of the ones I made.

Included is one that I made for my niece Sarah for her first Christmas in 1993. I didn't have a colour printer back then.

What I wrote was

I think I will make a card for Oscar, my great nephew, for his first Christmas.

I will prepare a Christmas letter to go with many of the cards. I keep a copy of these for future reference for highlights of each year.

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