Friday, September 3, 2010

Reflecting on 36 years ago and looking ahead

Thirty-six years ago today, I began my career as a library technician at the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library. Well, back then it was known as the Owen Sound Public Library. I had graduated from the two year program at Sheridan College in Oakville. I had previously taught for two years, one in Owen Sound and one in Northern Ontario. Teaching in the school system wasn't for me. Perhaps, it was the grades that I couldn't handle, because anyone who actually knows me, knows that I love to teach. Five and half years ago, I officially retired although I have helped out since then.

September is always a time for new beginnings, almost as much as the start of a calendar year. Many of the activities I am involved with take a break in the summer. Now, our genealogical society is different than many. We have summer meetings. Sometimes, we will get visitors to the area at our meetings. It is much easier to travel when we do not have snow.

Sunday School starts back again on the 12th. I teach the wee ones. Each year, I look forward to seeing the children and to discover how they have changed over the summer. Will I  have new children? I must take a look at the curriculum. It is online now but I believe there should be an accompanying package of visual aids. I must check on that.

This morning while eating my breakfast, I decided that I'd better make some lists. Sometimes, or perhaps, often, I find myself working on projects that should be lower on the priority list and putting aside ones that need to be done right away.

The first one I tackled was for my business: Janet Iles Consulting & Research Services. I made a list of current client projects and upcoming presentations. One major project is almost completed. One just needs another hour - I sure hope I can find that elusive photograph in the newspaper. Some are fairly new projects. It looks like I will be busy for the next couple of months anyways. Work on the three presentations has begun: Timelines, Wills and Land Records.

Then came my personal list. It still isn't done yet. I will divide it into sections: Church, Historical Society, Family History research, house related and other.

Church - Sunday School, Book club, Women's group and Presbytery. This month, my small group is in charge of the program. I am going to talk about my trip to Salt Lake City. It is easier to do the program yourself sometimes than think of who we should have as a speaker. On Northern Waters Presbytery, I am not as involved in as many groups as some but I am on two groups: Open Doors and Faith Formation. I am new to Open Doors so I have a lot to learn about our responsibilities and to figure out how best I can contribute. We also have a full day meeting and workshop in September for Presbytery.

I have already prepared the church newsletter for this quarter, so I will have a break until November. In the minister's letter in this issue, he challenged us to look at the activities of the church and chose one more thing to participate in. Honestly, as I look at my lists, I can't add anything more right now.

Historical Society - as President I have upcoming board and regular meetings to prepare for and conduct. I am also webmaster and blog writer as well.

Markham Berczy Settlers Association - I am President. I am working with the other members of the executive to figure out how we can have a board meeting. Perhaps, teleconference will be the way to go.

I am tiring myself out just thinking of my lists and I haven't even got to the other things I love to do and are high priority: blogging, connecting with others on Facebook, walking and family research. Also much needed is organizing and tidying the house, so I can get my new computers. When I see what others are involved in, I wonder how they do it all.

Something special I am really looking forward to is the upcoming marriage of my nephew, David, in October. This will bring the whole immediate family together for a couple of days. I am also excited about becoming a great-aunt for the first time in November.

Do you find that making lists helps you to focus? Do you post them somewhere you can see them often and are reminded of what are the priorities? Mine are going to be posted on the refrigerator. Where do you put your lists?

© 2010 Janet Iles

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  1. Looking at this post and your lists, Janet, I am so grateful you have offered some of your time and services to our Ontario Chapter of APG. I'm a veteran list maker. My daily calendar has lists for days-weeks-months ahead. I make lists for "what to do" when I go for my daily walk. I make lists for the grocery store. Like you, I make lists for project priorities. I make lists for "talking points" when I phone people (not often ;-) Making lists takes the pressure off me to attend to one item at a time, everything in its place. Or so I tell myself. OMG I think I'm developing a new blog post!!


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