Friday, September 10, 2010

Follow Friday - When an Old House Whispers

If you love old buildings, I present to you When an Old House Whispers 
for this Follow Friday edition.

Blogger, James Johnstone says in the blog's masthead:

Sometimes an old house whispers... and some houses even seem to shout... and even though some old houses come across as quiet, even silent, they each have their story. I pay attention... I listen... These are the stories I've heard, and now I am passing them on to you...

Johnstone is a house historian in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada who writes about houses and gives historical tours. He presents neighbourhood studies telling the history of the houses, the community and the people who lived in them.

Current and past photos help tell the story of the houses and other buildings in each of the areas he showcases. It is not just photos of buildings but he also includes photos of people who once had lived there.

I hope you stop by to visit his site. If you are in the Vancouver area, it certainly would be interesting to take one of his tours.
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