Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, CFOS

Seventy years ago today, our local AM radio station came on the air. It was during the Second World War and now local people would be able to receive the local, national and international news on their radios. A brief history of the station is currently on their site On March 14, an exhibit will be launched at Grey Roots

 They have had interviews recently of past radio personalities during Georgian Bay today. I have enjoyed those that I have heard.

CFOS is the station that I listen to most. In the morning, it is the sound of CFOS that wakes me up. I enjoy the chit-chat of the morning crew as I get ready to start my day. Generally, I am a morning listener to the radio but I do tune in from time to time for Open Line and Georgian Bay today. It is the station on my car radio. I look forward to the Christmas Fund Broadcast on the first Sunday in December. When I was little we also listened faithfully to the Christmas broadcasts with Santa Claus each Christmas season. There was also a talent programme with Smitty.

I have been interviewed several times on CFOS. When I was a puppeteer at the Owen Sound Fair at the library's area under the bandstand, I was interviewed on location. Several years ago, I was interviewed prior to the concert with Dame Gillian Weir to talk about the restoration work on the Knox church organ.

Many talented people had their start at CFOS and went on in broadcasting in radio and television. Happy birthday CFOS.
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