Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter 2010 Geneabloggers Games

 Wasn't that a wonderful opening to the 2010 Olympics! I am certainly looking forward to watching the various competitions.

Many of the Geneabloggers will also be busy with their own games during the next couple of weeks.


I am a proud Canadian so the Canadian flag is in the upper right corner. Beneath is the flag of Germany to represent my Germanic roots of my Stiver ancestors and the British flag to represent all the rest. If ever I am able to prove that my great-grandfather Dudley had Spanish roots, then I will add the flag of Spain. 

 With several deadlines for projects in the next couple of weeks and time spent watching the games, I have chosen as my challenge the following categories to participate in:

Expand your knowledge
Write, Write, Write
Organize your research.

Thanks to Thomas MacEntee over at Geneabloggers for orchestrating this event. Geneabloggers will host the opening event on Monday.

© 2010 Janet Iles

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