Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 101 Award

 Thank you to the following for honouring me with the Happy 101 Award.
Hummer - You can find Hummer at several blogs that are new to me so I look reading to her posts. Branching out through the years and Joyous Tomorrows
Miriam at AnceStories. She has several interesting projects. She also hosts scanfest and has a site with links to directories. She has a separate blog to alert you to updates to the website.
Joan at Luxegen Genealogy and Family History Joan is another Canadian blogger.
Greta at Greta's Genealogy Blog
Check out Greta's Memory Mondays, Silly Saturdays and her other theme days.

Great reading in the sites above.

What makes me happy? - 10 reasons are requested. These are no special order.
1. Being with or hearing from my brother and sister
2 Being with or hearing from my nieces and nephews
3. Sunshine - especially on a cold winter day.
4.Hugs and smiles from the young children in my Sunday School class
5. Researching and writing.

6. Helping others with their genealogy and hearing back from them to learn that the information I provided helped them continue their research.

7. Finding another piece of information on my ancestors and kin
8. Comments on my blog that further the conversation or let me know that my article was of interest.
9. Relaxing by the water (river, lake or ocean)
10. Spending time with friends

At this point, I am asked to award the Happy 101 Award to 10 others. How do you choose? Work is calling me so I will try to get back to this later.

© 2010 Janet Iles


  1. Congratulations Janet!!! I should have been out hunting and gathering (grocery shopping), instead I've been enjoying your wonderful blog. I particularily enjoyed your post titled "Age - Depends on your vantage point." And the foxsnake wedding cake ... that will certainly generate some interesting talk around the dinner table in 100 years. Thank you for sharing, Janet.

    Blessings - Cindy

  2. You're so very welcome, Janet; I really enjoy reading your blog and can always find food for thought here.

  3. Thanks Cindy. Yes reading blogs can distract you for getting work done. Yes, the foxsnake wedding cake was special.

    Cindy and Greta. I am happy that you find my blog articles interesting.

    Thank you for leaving comments.


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