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Why did I join our genealogical society? - Carnival of Genealogy

Genealogical societies -- do you belong to any? Yes, would be my answer.

In March, I wrote about the local branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society when I talked about the Ontario Genealogical Society. I am a member of the society as a whole and three branches: Bruce-Grey, York and Toronto.

I am also a member of the National Genealogical Society (based in the US).

The question posed for the 82nd Carnival of Genealogy is "Why do you belong to a society? "

To be a member of a branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, you must now be a member of the parent group.

Why did I pick the three branches listed above?

  • I live in the area so I can attend many of the meetings.
  • I started speaking to the group before I was even a member.
  • My Iles line came directly to Owen Sound when they came from England.
  • I wanted to make connections with people in the area who are interested in genealogy. 
  • When I began doing my own research, I wanted to learn from the more experienced members.
  • The newsletter that is published in February, May, August and November includes interesting articles and news. 
  • Monthly meetings (except December) have informative speakers.
  • In the months of January, February and March, the meetings are held on Saturday afternoon.
  • The Fall event, held on a Saturday during the day, has brought many outstanding speakers to our area.
  • I have made many friends within the group. We have a great time at our meetings and when we go to the annual conference.

Toronto Branch
I have never attended a meeting of the Toronto Branch.
  • When I first joined the branch included York Region.
  • My great-grand mother Elizabeth Fields Robinson was born, according to family information,  in "Muddy York" 0n 6 December 1859.
  • The newsletter is very interesting.

York Regional Branch
I have only attended one meeting.

  • My Hemingway, Stiver, and even my Johnston family who eventually moved to the Manitoulin, lived in York County.
  • The newsletter includes interesting and helpful information for my research.

Unfortunately, there is no Ontario Genealogical Society branch that focuses on the Manitoulin area. For a short time, I tried both Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury branches, but they didn't provide much  information on the area. I have to also take into consideration my budget.

Our local public library receives on deposit the Bruce-Grey Branch newsletters that the branch receives on exchanges, so I have easy access to the past five years if I wish to read the newsletters of other OGS branches. They also have the newsletters from provincial societies across Canada. One of the perks, when I was working full time in the library, was that I could read the newsletters of interest before I entered them into the collection.

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  1. Janet,
    Thanks so much for writing this for the COG. I'm hoping you will be a frequent contributor to the new GenSo COG which will start in January. It will be a new opportunity to shine some light on the great work that societies contribute to the field. I'm still working out the details and I welcome any suggested topics or ideas you may have!


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