Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Bruce - a Carnival of Postcards

Have you ever seen a beef cattle that stood 15 feet tall?

I have.

It now proudly stands in Chesley, Ontario but at one time he travelled around to fairs and other events.

This postcard shows Big Bruce. See how he towers above the other cattle?

I don't know in which year the postcard was made. The postcard was never mailed. There is nothing written on it.

Bruce County is the neighbouring county and it is known for its good quality beef. Big Bruce was constructed in 1976. To read more about Big Bruce and Bruce County beef. Click here.

This is posted for the Carnival of Postcards - quadrupeds
© 2009 Janet Iles

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  1. Don't you just wonder what those tiny cows thought as they saw Big Bruce roll by? Great card, Janet. Loved it.


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