Thursday, July 30, 2009

Travelling to County Cork - Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture

Bill West of West in New England sent out a challenge or perhaps a plea, for bloggers to write a posting for this month's Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture.

So here goes.

The theme for this month is real or dream vacations in Ireland.

I have no Irish connections in my ancestry. English, Scottish, German and possibly Spanish if family folklore is true, but there is no sign of any Irish blood in my veins. I had never thought of travelling to Ireland - North or South. This has now changed. My sister suggested that we take a trip to Ireland.

We now have a reason to go. We have a first cousin who now lives in Ireland with some of her family. I would love to see her again as it has been many years. I would love to meet her family. She lives in a beautiful part of Ireland in County Cork, the Beara Peninsula. The photographs of the area are breathtaking and would entice a person to visit even if they didn't have relatives there. Of course, we would pay a visit to Cork.

She blogs about the beautiful Beara Peninsula at The Ring of Beara Blog. I hope you visit her site to see the beauty of the area.

No date/year has been set but Susanne if you are reading this, we will give you lots of warning.


  1. My doors are wide open...tea and hugs await! :)

  2. Thank you for your blog post. The Carnival is at:


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