Thursday, July 9, 2009

They worked hard for their money - Smile for the Camera

Photo taken in 1937 at Turner's Meat Market in Owen Sound on 2nd Avenue East
In the photo are Charlie Boorman, Roy Turner, Bob Iles and Gord Waghorn. My father was 21 in this photo. Original in the possesion of Janet Iles.

In 1934, Turner Brothers who were cattle drovers opened a meat store. Charlie Boorman had already agreed to be manager and they asked my dad to go also. Both had been working at Dominion. At first, my dad did everything, including some delivering. His duties included ordering, cutting meat, making sausage, cleaning fowl and counter selling.

What he liked doing was Friday afternoon dressing the window in large marble slab and hanging quarters of beef, lambs, and turkeys on the rail for backstop. Roy Turner, Charles Boorman, Gordon Waghorn, Bill McDonough, his brothers Wilf and Cliff, Mark Nicholson and others worked at Turners. They were paid about $12.00 a week.

My dad left Turner's Meat Market when he joined the Perth Regiment in September 1939 where pay was $10.00 a day with room and board.

The above information was found on a piece of paper found amongst the photographs.

Update: The Turners were Roy and William and the market according to the city directories was called Turner Brothers.


  1. Really enjoyed this snapshot of your Dad and the Turner's Meat Market! I felt a kinship with him as I know you've seen my post about my Daddy, Safeway Grocery Store - Stephenville, Texas 1956. He was a butcher all his life and your post sure brought back memories of being in the store while he was working!

  2. I am so jealous - a beautiful photograph and informative photograph AND it includes your ancestors!
    By the way,in the next week or so I'm going to publish some old New Brunswick and Quebec postcards that include Dominion stores.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  3. Thanks for the comments Judith and Evelyn.

    I am fortunate to not only have the photograph but the information that my dad wrote about his career. By the time we had the IGA, he did very little in butchering as he had the whole store to run. My mother worked along side him once they had their own store. I got my start in the work world in the IGA.

    1. Janet

      My first real job was at Iles IGA beside the bowling alley in Owen Sound.

  4. Janet, I LUV this! My paternal grandpa -- aka "Pa Jake" -- was a butcher at McVoy's Grocery & Feed in Rockdale, Texas. I am not aware of any photos of him at work, and I was only six when he died, so the memories are few. Thanks for sharing . . . from Vickie in Texas . . . (now going to Judy's blog to read about her Daddy) . . .

  5. A great photo and story. I really enjoyed it...I just wish some of my ancestors left so much information :-)

  6. Amazing photo and interesting story to boot! Thanks a bunch for sharing it.

  7. I sure wish I could find a butcher like Turners in my neighborhood. Thank you for a look at one of the "good things" from the old days.


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