Sunday, May 10, 2009

Teaching night school - genealogy class Week 2

Once again we gathered with a group of seven.

Before starting on new material, we reviewed the first week's topic by looking at family group sheets and pedigree charts. Several had brought examples of original documents.

The evening focus was on birth, marriage and death (bmd) related records. As with all records, time and place are important factors in determining what is available. We identified many sources where we might find bmds.

I showed an example of my great-grandfather's death information. In 1991, before the death registrations were made public through the Archives of Ontario, I applied for his death registration from the Receiver General's Office. I filled in a form giving his name and date and location of his death and along with my fee, sent it off by mail. When I received the extraction for genealogical purposes, I did not gain much information.

His age is given as 75.
His father's name was given as George and his mother's name unknown.
His son E.J. Iles was the informant.
Subsequent research led me to find the marriage registrations for both of George's marriages -- one in England and one in Ontario and both give his parents' names as James Iles and Louisa Belcher.
In 2008, the 1936 Ontario death registrations were released. I was able to view the death registration on microfilm. has only up to 1934 available at this time. Below is a partial shot of the information.

In the upper left hand corner, a note indicates that more information was added after the registration was filed.
Originally, the father's and mother's names were given as unknown.
The date of birth for George was given as 14 December 1860. As secondary information, it is not suprising that this information does not match other sources. I reviewed my findings with my class.

The last part of the evening included an introduction to Ancestry Library Edition and to some useful web sites. I have my favourites tagged on at

During week three, I will discuss Estate records, citations, land records and if time permits, using timelines.

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