Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Genea Santa

Dear Genea Santa

I have tried very hard to be a good genealogical researcher and to document all my sources but you know sometimes you get so excited that you forget to record a vital detail. I will try harder next year.

Thank you for all the great gifts that I have received - finding all those civil and parish records and photos and making contact with relatives.

This year, I have only three requests. Sure I would like to solve some "brick walls", but I will keep working on them. Here is my list:

1. A rocking chair that a great grandma or grandma used to rock her wee ones. I am not particular which one I get.

2. A family Bible from my great grandpa Love (perhaps it will have a notation or two).

3. My grandfather's coronet.

Genea-Santa I will leave you some cookies on Christmas eve. (They won't be chocolate chip because you know I can't keep them in the house as I would eat them all and there would be none for you.

Say hello to Mrs. Genea-Claus

This has been written for the 62nd Carnival of Genealogy

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  1. I hope to have my grandma's rocking chair someday. My mom has it right now. I hope you receive those gifts.

    Happy Holidays!


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