Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tour of Blogs

Welcome! Come on in and have a look around. Now this tour includes visits to homes of Christmas past but due to the magic of the Internet and the blogosphere you will not have to take off and on your boots as you visit from one home to another to see some of the holiday decorating at the home of Janet the Researcher aka Researchergal.

Now first let us look at what the Christmas tree looked like when she lived with her family in an apartment.

The Christmas tree is real. Now note to the right; it looks like a fireplace. Below is a better view of it.

Now you will realize, when you look closer that it is not a real fireplace but that doesn't matter. There was still a place for stockings to be hung "by the chimney with care". The fireplace is cleverly made from wooden orange crates covered in fireplace paper. Do you remember wooden orange crates?

Now you will travel ahead in time to a different home. The tree was real at first but eventually it was replaced with an artificial tree. There was less mess to clean up and if the family was travelling at Christmas they didn't have to worry about it drying it out.

Now, let's jump ahead about 20 years to a different home.

Two favourite decorations were Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus made from Reader's Digest magazines, a project of the women of the church.

The nieces and nephews were getting bigger and the living room was too crowded when everyone was there so the tree moved downstairs to the family room.

Thanks for visiting. We are glad you could come. We hope you enjoy the Christmas tour of blogs.


  1. We used up lots of Readers Digests and phone books but ours simply became table top trees to decorate. Thanks for the memory and the tour.

  2. Hi Apple. I never thought about making table top trees with Readers Digests and phonebooks.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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