Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ancestors in the Attic - Season 3

Ancestors in the Attic began its 3rd season last night on the History Channel here in Canada.

The show is described as

Hosted by Jeff Douglas, Ancestors in the Attic is an irreverent, fast-paced series that uncovers the personal dramas in your family tree. From the discovery of a birth mother in Scotland, to a lost family in Japan, to a woman’s roots in the Masa tribe of northern Cameroon, Ancestors in the Attic changes the lives of Canadians.Our crack team of genealogical sleuths employ a mixture of CSI genealogy and good old-fashioned gumshoe detective work to solve the mysteries, and unlock the secrets of your past.

The two stories last night were not portrayed in an irreverant way. I found the stories very moving. I had tears in my eyes as the two people who were searching for answers met living relatives and uncovered long held family secrets.

For those of us who do genealogical and historical research, we realize the shows' producers have to condense, the many hours of research that goes in to making these discoveries, in to a short time span. Finding your family on a microfilmed census even when you have the necessary references takes time.

I will be putting this show on my schedule so that I will not miss it.

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