Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Bazaars

December 15 - Christmas Grab Bag

Church bazaars were popular fundraisers and fun raisers. The women would have work meetings to prepare different crafts to sell. There was lots of chatter as the women worked. Our house would have a wonderful aroma from the goodies that my mom made to be sold on the bake table. The men would pitch in too. The men had a table of their own crafts and perhaps if you were lucky some home made fudge.

Different years had different themes. As I grew older, I started to help.

I am working behind the toy table. (red sweater) I am trying hard to make a sale.

An important part of the bazaar was decorating the place to make a welcoming setting for all who came to purchase. Some years it was held in the Sunday School hall and sometimes in the "banquet" hall downstairs. Some years we used both levels. After my dad retired, he loved to come down and help with the decorating. I enjoyed working with him on this.

The stage area is decorated for the Christmas tea held the day of the Bazaar.

My dad and I worked on this scene together. He did the backdrop and I the singers. I painted the figures on bristol board so they could be used again.
The day before the bazaar, the final set up would be done (except for the bake and deli goods). It became a custom for some of the workers to head to the Harrison Park Inn for supper before returning to the church to finish up.
I don't know if we ever made much money on these ventures but everyone certainly had fun working together.
This posting is part of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories hosted by Thomas MacEntee. I hope you have time to read the other contributions.


  1. I liked Christmas bazaars, I
    remember one I went to when I was
    a kid. I bought a jar with a felt
    santa face on the outside and it
    was filled with dinner mints.
    One of my beloved stuffed toys I
    had as a child was a hand sewn penguin I bought the same day at
    the bazaar. Thanks for reminding
    me how much fun bazaars were!!!

  2. Our church never had a bazaar that I can remember. The Catholic church did but since we weren't Catholic we never went. As n adult I've enjoyed going to many. One town I lived in had a different church on every corner (or so it seemed) and one of them always had something going on.


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