Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brass Band Concerts

December 13 - Christmas and the Arts

Did your family attend any special events or performances during the holidays?

Besides the church Christmas concerts and carol services and school activities, I do not remember attending any special performances as a child.

As an adult, we went several times to Christmas concerts put on by our City Band. Our family has a love for Brass Band Music. The tradition of playing a brass instrument is in our family although my sister and I never learned to play a brass instrument. My grandfather revitalized the Salvation Army Band here, as its band master, soon after he came to Canada. He is also considered the founding band master of our city band. Of course, all his boys learned to play an instrument. I love to hear the carols played by a brass band. Hearing the music also reminds me of my grandfather and my other relatives who enjoyed playing in the band.

This posting is part of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories hosted by Thomas MacEntee

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