Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life-long learning part 2 - 7 1/2 habits

To see the tutorial on 7 1/2 habits http://www.plcmc.org/public/learning/player.html

The question was asked what is easiest for me of the habits given in the tutorial. I would say teaching/mentoring. If I can explain something to someone else and they understand, it lets me know that I understand the topic too.

I have been in various teaching positions throughout the years - Brownie leader, Sunday School teacher, elementary school teacher, my work at the Library, etc.

This past year, I have been training a group of adults to do historical research. As chair of the research group for the Grey County Historical Society, I conduct workshops for a group of about 10 members. The discussions after the presentation are lively and we all learn from each other. Our goal is to write articles for the society's newsletter and to eventually contribute research findings to Grey Roots.

Although, I am not a big list maker and writing down goals, when I am researching I set goals and either make lists or charts. My weakness concerning learning is taking time to play. I am trying to change that. I have been attending concerts at the Knox Acoustic Cafe http://www.knoxowensound.ca/acousticcafe and I have my tickets for Little Theatre in the fall.

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