Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Flickr - First attempt

Antigua posada
This is my photo from Flickr that I uploaded using the loader provided. I had no trouble creating the account. I only uploaded two photographs as it is challenging to find photographs on my computer that I had taken myself. I do not have a digital camera yet.

I had to do some searching to find the instructions to add the photo to the Blog. I was getting two copies of the photo. I am not sure why two were created when I copied the code. In the end, I just deleted the extra one.

This photograph was taken in Antigua, Guatemala when we visited in 2002. This spot was so tranquil. We had a traditional Guatemalan meal at the restaurant in this complex. I used the mapping tool and added this photo to the map. I went back and tried to re-adjust the exact location. It doesn't say Antiqua, but it is close. This tool will be great for scenery.

I started a set called travel. I will need to post more photos to Flickr before I can create a badge to put on the blog.

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